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Joanna Hancock
Self Portrait, 2001
I haven't failed
10,000 times,
I have successfully
discovered 10,000 ways
that don't work....
~ Thomas Edison

Art From the Heart
I enjoy expressing my vision of the birds, animals, places and people around me. I know there are no new subjects to be painted, but I hope that what I convey from my heart will speak to those who see my art, and that they will glimpse the vision that inspired it.

About the Artist

I came to art late in life. I had always admired some oil paintings my grandmother had done; they were rendered in the style of the old masters. She died when I was four, though, so I never got a chance to learn from her.

As with many of us, life got in the way.... I grew up, married and raised four children and worked. As I was preparing to retire I decided I wasn't going to learn any younger, so I took courses in drawing and oil painting from the Wake County Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina ... I was hooked! Although I am not a formally trained artist -- I do not hold a degree, at least not yet -- I have taken every opportunity to broaden my skills through books, workshops, classes and painting, painting, painting.

~ Joanna Hancock

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Joanna Hancock
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